Welcome to Brian’s Square Dance Blog


You may be asking why a Square Dance blog for the Mississippi Squares?

Good Question! My intention for this forum is so I can communicate with anyone who wants to learn about Modern Square Dancing as well as our experience of learning the moves that make up the dance we share together at the Mississippi Squares.

Through this medium I can post ahead of time my projected teaching for a specific session / evening as well as give YOU a forum to ask questions when you have time.  I also feel that this site will help us stay in touch if we ever have a winter like the one we just experienced where we miss so many evenings.

I have learned from my many years in management that the more communication we have the better a team is built.

You can check this Blog anytime you would like or if you wish you can get an email notification when a new post is published.

I will also be able to share pertinent documents and or upcoming events.

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