Night 5 Recap

What a great night of dancing!!! Things are really coming together!

In night 5 we looked at the final call of the Mainstream program… Walk and Dodge.

As I briefly mentioned last week  we have looked at all of the Mainstream Program from many “non standard” positions / formations but there still is much more the Basic and Mainstream programs can offer. 

See you all Tuesday for our final evening. 



Starting formation – box circulate or facing couples. From box circulate formation, each dancer facing into the box walks forward to take the place of the dancer who was directly in front of him. Meanwhile, each dancer facing out of the box steps sideways (dodges) into the position vacated by the “walker” who was formerly beside him. Dancers end side by side, both facing out. If walk and dodge is called from facing couples, the caller must designate who is to walk and who is to dodge (e.g., “men walk, ladies dodge”). Ending is a box circulate formation.

STYLING: Arms in natural dance position. Skirt work for the ladies is optional. Hands should be ready to assume appropriate position for the next call.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.11.06 AM


One thought on “Night 5 Recap

  1. I have enjoyed being taught the mainstream steps hoping I can absorb all and
    improve my dancing in the Fall.Thank u Brian


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