Mississippi Squares DBD Workshop

Night 2 was a great workshop night!

and here is what we danced…



Starting formationMini-Wave, General Line

Command examplesCast Off 3/4

Pass The Ocean; Cast Off 3/4

Couples Circulate; Tag The Line; Put Centers In; Cast Off 3/4 — Boys Push

Center 4, Wheel And Deal; Outsides Cast Off 3/4 (from a Tidal Line)

Veer Left; Centers Trade; Cast Off 3/4

Dance actionFrom a Mini-Wave, Turn 3/4.

From a General Line, each half of the line works together: those in a Mini-Wave Turn 3/4 while those in a Couple turn, as a unit, away from the center of the line for 3/4 of a circle (270 degrees).

Ending formationsFrom a Mini-Wave, a Mini-Wave. From a One-Faced Line or a Two-Faced Line, Facing Couples. From a General Line, a General Box (centered on the same point).

I suggested that if we count 4 walls (including the wall we are looking at before we start the call) we will be golden! 

We did cast off 3/4 from 

  • Lines Facing out
  • Inverted lines
  • Ocean waves 
  • Mini Waves 
  • (we still have  few more to experience) 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.11.06 AM



CENTERS IN          969148

Starting formationCompleted Double Pass Thru, Eight Chain Thru. More generally, a Couple with their backs to the center of the set, each center dancer directly looking at an outside dancer.

Command examplesCenters In

Put Centers In

Dance actionWithout changing facing direction, the outside dancers step away from each other to make room for the center dancers, who step forward to end between them.
Ending formationVarious. From Completed Double Pass Thru, Lines Facing Out. From Eight Chain Thru, Inverted Lines with Ends Facing.
Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.11.06 AM



Starting formationGeneral Line

Command examplesTag The Line

Tag The Line All The Way

Tag The Line, Face Right

Tag The Line, Left

Tag The Line, Face In

Dance actionEach dancer turns 90 degrees, in place, to face the center of the line and then walks forward, passing right shoulders with all dancers in the other half of the line, until the last dancers in each half have passed each other. If a facing direction is given, each dancer then turns 90 degrees, in place, toward the specified direction.

Ending formation]Tag The Line ends in back-to-back Tandems.

Tag The Line, Face Right (or Left) ends in a Right-Hand (or Left-Hand) Two-Faced Line.


Tag The Line is a 4-dancer call. From a General Line of 8, the phrase “Each Side” (or “Each Four”) is helpful but not required.

After Tag The Line, the direction In (or Out) means to turn toward (or away from) the center of the set. From General Lines, Tag The Line, Face In (or Out) ends in Facing Lines (or Lines Back-to-Back).

The direction given does not have to be the same for all dancers, e.g., Tag The Line, Boys Face Left, Girls Face Right.

An extended application of Tag The Line begins from a General Line containing six or eight dancers. The caller must explicitly identify the line, e.g., “Line of Eight, Tag The Line”. The application from a line of two dancers is improper at Mainstream; it has a separate name and is in another program.


Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.11.06 AM




Starting formationFacing Dancers

Command examplesTurn Thru

Swing Thru; Turn Thru

Girls Turn Thru

Squared set: Heads Turn Thru; Separate, Around 1 To A Line

Heads Square Thru 4; Spin The Top; Turn Thru; Courtesy Turn

Dance actionIn one smooth motion, dancers Step To A Wave (but use forearm styling), Right Arm Turn 1/2, and Step Thru.
Ending formationBack-To-Back Dancers
Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.11.06 AM

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