Night One Recap


Hello Everyone, sorry for the delay in sending this post… It was a busy week as well as the power outage caused by the wind storm did not help my progress. 

What we did last week:

How to get back into the dance after a breakdown during a patter call.


A) Square up at home with your original partner.
B) Head ladies take you corners hand 
C) Head couples back up to align with the side couple to form lines at the sides

I will pick you up and get you back into the dance. 


Half Sashay

Definition: Dance action: Dancers exchange places without changing facing directions. Dancer on the right side steps to the left while the dancer on the left steps back, side steps to the right, then steps forward, ending as a couple.

Partner Trade

Dance action: Two dancers exchange places by walking forward in a semicircle, passing right shoulders if they start facing the same direction. (See “General: Conventions and Rules: Passing Rule”.) Dancers end facing the opposite direction from their original facing directions.

Pass The Ocean (from 1/2 Sashayed Couples 

Dance action: Pass Thru; Face your Partner; Step To A Wave

Swing Thru / Left Swing Thru 

Dance action: Swing Thru: Those who can turn 1/2 (180 degrees) by the right; then those who can turn 1/2 (180 degrees) by the left.

Left Swing Thru: Those who can turn 1/2 (180 degrees) by the left; then those who can turn 1/2 (180 degrees) by the right.

Here is a link to a great animated resource …

Click on Green Button to go to site 

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 6.43.59 PM


See you Tuesday ….   

Click on logo below to access the club website.

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