2018 DBD Mainstream Workshop

Click on Mississippi Squares logo for. link to the workshop 


Welcome to the Mississippi Squares 2018 DBD Mainstream Workshop.



First thing First: What is DBD?

DBD is an acronym for Dance by Definition, I prefer the term Non Standard Position Dancing. My reasoning for this is best described by me first explaining that all calls we learn and perform are “by definition”. During this workshop we will be looking at calls by their definitions but from formations or arrangements that we do not “normally” start the call from.

Why a workshop like this?

A) The challenge

B) Become a more confident dancer

C) Because its fun!

Please take time to look a the Mainstraem Definitions at the link below.

Mainstream Definitions (17-12-18)

What is this BLOG?


I have created this blog (web log) to keep us all informed on what we have looked at and what is upcoming and a portal to allow you to ask me questions when you think of them.


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