Mainstream Workshop Night 5 Recap



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We did it!  we covered all of the mainstream calls on the Callerlab list.
Well sort of…

So far we have looked at all of the calls from a “standard position”.  The term standard position always evokes a lot of discussion, so the way I like to explain it is as such…

“a square dance call in standard position is the position, formation or arrangement that allows for the most amount of success” therefore it is the way that it is most commonly presented”…

Some callers advocate that a call should be taught from non standard positions right from the beginning and I respect this point of view but my experience has shown me that most dancers that become comfortable with a call in its “standard position first ” and then experience the call from a non standard position have more success and find the overall experience more enjoyable as they can appreciate and understand what they have done.  The mainstream program is fun and challenging and there are so many ways we can enjoy the calls on this list.


Calls we looked at last week…


Starting formation – ocean wave only. The ends of the wave cross fold as the centers of the wave fold in behind the ends and follow them around, then face in to end as two facing couples.
STYLING: All dancers, arms in natural dance position, hands ready to adjust for next call as quickly as possible. TIMING: 4 steps.
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-Starts in waves, ends in couples. 

-This is a no hands call, only take hands after the call is complete and you are in couples. 

-For the dancer on the end the calls can feel like a wheel and deal, for centre dancers it may feel like an exaggerated zoom action. 

Click on Blue Box for link to Taminations


 Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave 

Starting formation – facing couples or facing tandems. From facing couples, the right hand dancer steps forward and to the left to become the lead dancer in a tandem. Lead dancers join right hands and pull by. Moving to the other trailing dancer, each extends a left hand and touches to a left hand mini wave and turns one quarter (90°). New center dancers join right hands and form a left hand ocean wave.
STYLING: Lead dancers initially pulling by in the center should use handshake hold as in right and left grand. When forming mini waves with trailing dancers, dancers must adjust to the right, using hands-up position and same styling as in swing thru.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.03.28 AM

-When the right hand dancer (Girl if in a standard position)  starts the right pull by the left hand dancers moves to the right to take the original right hand dancers position. 

-When done from standard position the call feels like a two ladies chain so it feels natural to do a courtesy turn but the courtesy turn is incorrect, you must do a “left touch a 1/4 action… the boys will finish in the centre of a newly formed wave. 

Click on Dixie Cup for link to Taminations



 Also we recapped this rule of dancing


Some calls, which normally start from ocean waves, can also be done when dancers are in facing couples (e.g. swing thru, spin the top, fan the top, etc.). In this case, the dancers first step into a momentary right ocean wave and complete the call unless the caller specifically directs a lefthand call (e.g. left swing thru, etc.) in which case the dancers step into a momentary left ocean wave and complete the call. Exceptions to this rule are listed in the body of the definitions.
This rule also applies when calls which require two parallel ocean waves (e.g. spin chain thru) are called with the dancers in an eight chain thru formation.

This upcoming week is #6 and our final week of workshop, we will be reviewing the calls to date and this is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding  a specific call or any aspect of square dancing…



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